Available Artwork

Available Artwork

While most pieces shown in galleries here are now in private collections, there are a few original pieces currently available. Prints are also a very affordable option and let you have pieces that are otherwise long gone!

Original Works Currently Available

Theatre Row 1940 – Winter Day
14″ x 18″ – acrylic on canvas – $1260
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Theatre Row 1940 – Autumn Night
14″ x 18″ – acrylic on canvas – $1260
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South End of the Old Granville Bridge
20″ x 24″ – acrylic on canvas – $2400
Winter on Hastings and Main
18″ x 24″ – acrylic on canvas – $2160
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Dine - Granville After the Storm
Dine – Granville After the Storm – diptych 48”x120” – acrylic on canvas – $31,680
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There are two types of prints available – giclee fine art prints and our line of posters on Etsy.

Tom and Megan with the Ovaltine trio printed together as giclee on fine art paper. Paintings can be printed in giclee in custom sizes and in combination like this to make interesting compositions

“I absolutely LOVE that people want prints of my work! This is such a huge compliment and it means so much to me that folks want to actually live with my paintings of Vancouver. I love that my work of our city means as much to them as it does to me!”

Tom Carter

What Is a Giclee Print?

Giclee is a high-quality pigment ink print (up to 12 cartridges) that can be done on either paper or on stretched canvas. The advantage of giclee over regular printing is the steadfastness of the reproduction – the colours should last a very long time, with care and out of UV light, they should last indefinitely. That said, the technology is relatively new (compared to oil or acrylic paint) but has been around for decades now and seems to be as stable as promised. Giclee reproductions are also printed on either high-quality canvas or acid-free rag paper which ensures longevity and long-term colour stability.

One of the really great benefits of custom giclees is they’re available in a number of stock sizes and can even be custom-ordered to absolutely ANY size that fits your need!

Please feel free to enquire about special requirements, The answer is always “yes”.

All giclees are signed by the artist and typically Tom is glad to do that in person!

A giclee on canvas of “After The Storm” in an office reception area


We are very proud to have a line of popular posters in our Etsy shop. These all are 18” x 24” and already formatted with a white border that make them easy to either frame in readily available 18×24 frames (Walmart, Opus, Michael’s, etc.) or they can be custom matted in any neighbourhood framing shop. These are a wonderful way to provide a favourite image in a home office or public space and they make an excellent gift.